Why Is Energy Important?

Energy is one of the most basic elements of the universe. It is one of the key elements that without it we cannot do any work...


  • No lighting without energy.
  • None of vehicles work without energy. No car, bus, plane, space shuttle. Leave cycling, we cannot even walk.
  • Heating systems cannot work without energy.
  • No cooking without energy.
  • We cannot watch TV, even cannot listen to music without energy. The Internet? Not even think of!
  • Without energy there is no industry. Factories cannot be working. Also agriculture cannot be done.


All day sun rays bring us together with energy (thermal and luminous energy). At every stage there is energy for example; the laundry that we hang out to dry, the growth of plants, plant to accumulate in animal nutrition.


Energy, defined as the capacity for work. It is almost the cause of so many things going on around us.


When we eat, our bodies stored energy through the food and this energy turn into for allowing us to do action in any business. Even walking or running, our bodies burn this energy. Reading, writing, playing games or even thinking is to do a job. In fact, they are often very serious and challenging work.


Cars, planes, light bulbs, ships and machines transform energy into activities. Activity is to move, lift, heat, and lighten something. Of course only a few… We can replicate this list

But what is the source of this energy?


There is lots of energy source. Energy is very important for world also our daily life.