Learn being Energy Efficient from the Energy Kid Naz

Do not forget to turn off lights whenever they are not needed.

Open the curtains and let’s make daylight entering the room.

Open shades and curtains on sunny winter days to let the sun shine in.

Turn on your computer only when you are going to use it. Warn your friends who forget to turn off their computer.

Do not forget to turn off when we were not watching television.

Television, computers and all household appliances should be manually turned off by using the power button.

Although the use of electrical appliances that are plugged in, removing the plug from the socket we want to help our growns.

We should remind of using efficient light bulb to our family.

A new glass of water to drink every time; I do not use the dishwasher empty space we get more work.

Set the heater to 21°C to prevent energy loss and dress for the weather. Ask your parents to lower the temperature when it is too hot.

Will not keep the refrigerator door open unnecessarily.

Separate dirty and clean clothes to prevent unnecessary washing!

Keep doors and windows shut to prevent cold air entering the house and heated air escaping.

Let’s keep an open front radiators, allow spread the heat well.