What is energy?

Briefly energy is the ability to work. It is a scalar quantity just like length. In total there are 8 major types of energy. These are potential, kinetic, thermal, luminous, electrical, chemical, nuclear and sound energy. We shouldn’t forget that none of energy is lost. If should, it turn into another energy type.



Potential energy is due to the position and situation of an object. There is potential energy in a stretched spring, an object in midair and in a model with a rope hanging from the ceiling. Briefly object with elevation or stretched / compressed has potential.



To have a kinetic energy, object is need to be moving. So kinetic energy is a type of energy which objects have velocity. For example; running boy, spinning wheel or a ball falling from high.



Thermal energy is a type of energy due to the object’s own heat. Items which has lower or higher temperature have thermal energy. For example; light bulb, electric stove, geothermal energy, heater.



This type of energy constitutes one of the main topics on this site. Electric energy is due to the objects’ own electric charge. If you want to learn more about this topic, click here.



Solar Thermal Energy is a kind of energy which could light up the darker room. Is aptly named. Burning wood, light bulbs, solar, lamp, etc.. the things that they have a fraction of the energy converts to luminous energy.



The presence of substances in the chemical reaction occurs as a result. Combustion, burning and similar events would be a result of energy and they also reveal energy.



Nuclear energy will occur with fission or fusion. In this way would produce electricity from nuclear power plants.



How could we understand that sound has energy? We can explain with this example: Breaking glass. Remember the breaking glass in high-intensity scream. These are all because of the sound energy. The bells kinetic energy transform into sound and thermal energy. When the arm knock to the bell there is sound and this is conversion of energy.