What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is, without causing decline in buildings to living standards and quality of service, in industrial plants to quality and quantity of production, energy consumption per unit of service or product is to reduced.


While we do our needs such as heating, lighting and transport, while we use our electrical appliances, briefly in every phase of our daily lifes we need use energy efficiently. When we are doing this, we can contribute to the family budget, national economy and protection of our environment without restricting our needs.


The most important energy source, fossil fuels such as oil and coal, is quickly running out of. The most important cause of global warming and climate change are the resulting greenhouse gas emissions in energy production and consumption processes.


Energy supply to ensure the security, 73% of which amounted external dependency rate of our and the resulting risk reduction and climate change fight in improving the efficiency of energy from production to usage in the process to increase efficiency, waste prevention and reduction of energy intensity of a great importance.


In our country, 30% in the building sector, 20% in industry and 15% in the transport sector, including the potential for significant energy savings that have been identified.